ORB is a brand new mobile game for iPhone and Android. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

ORB is an action, puzzle game consisting of many unique and different challenges. All you have to do is match the colored goals on each level. It couldn't be simpler! (Except for a few tricks and traps laid down by a brilliantly mad designer.)


07/27/2016 9:30pm

My classmate immediately asked me to try out this new game once it came out last February. I got a text asking me to try this game out, with a challenge to beat his current personal high score. I had just finished my day of a report, two research papers, and an exam. I immediately downloaded Orb to get my mind relaxed after such a tiring day in school. I enjoyed it a lot. It got me thinking of strategies which challenged and refreshed my mind at the same time.

12/20/2016 10:00pm

The game looks promising indeed. Some missing information regarding the game, is it for free on the App Store? I hope you can respond. I will definitely let my sibling try this out. I'll tell you what they think about it. Thanks for sharing us your new game. I hope you are successful with future projects as well!


Nice Post share. I like your post.

09/18/2016 7:00am

Is it possible to download it? I want to check it out so much! I am sure it will be a great game.


Nice! Have some new versions of this? Can't wait to look at!


Just find a matches. this is my favorite type of the game.

07/13/2017 9:54am

It's nice for game developers to be creating games for mobile. Most people are inseparable from their smart phones. To use this medium will always mean success. I personally think that marketers should see the potential of using smart phones. It's great for developers to be doing this strategy.


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